Conlon Consulting Engineering Ltd.


Conlon Consulting Engineering Ltd. provide engineering, consulting, design and project management for the domestic and commercial construction market. We also provide detailed design and manufacture of components for the tooling and steel fabrication market throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our list of services include:

Building Regulations’ Supervision

(Assigned Designer & Assigned Certifier)

As chartered engineers we are qualified to design and supervise your building works. As a matter of law only professionals with the appropriate experience and qualifications can fulfill this role.

Planning Submissions

From Planning Permission design and submission, to the final sign off on Building Regulations, we can help make your ideal home become a reality.

Building Site Surveys and Inspections

We can inspect your building and issue a detailed report, advising of any possible issues and solutions in relation to same. This is advisable when buying a new property and is often required by your bank if you require a mortgage

Site Surveys Report & Inspection

We will inspect your building or a prospective property and furnish you with a detailed report of same, highlighting any items in need of attention.

Dilapidation Survey

A dilapidation survey is recommended so as to keep an accurate account of the scale and condition of a property and/or site prior to the commencement of any works.

Certificate of Compliance

All new building works, structural modifications and/or extension work to an existing property requires a 'Certificate of Compliance' to confirm that all works carried out are in accordance with the appropriate Planning and Building Regulations.

Declaration of Identity

A ‘Declaration of Identity’ is generally required in the sale or transfer of property.

Land Surveys & Map Marking

We can survey lands and we are licensed by OSI to copy and edit maps on your behalf, this service is required when transferring or selling lands.

Construction Contractual Advice

Should your project be already underway or nearing commencement, we can advise you of any issues pertaining to your contract.

We can liaise with your sub/contractor on your behalf to resolve any issues you may be experiencing, in a transparent and effective manner.  We have extensive knowledge and experience of the Irish Government Works Contact.

Independent Engineering Reports

We will conduct the appropriate inspection and issue an impartial report of same.

Independent Snagging of Projects

We can inspect your project and snag the works on your behalf; this is advised for those tackling self builds and in projects where your design team are not supervising the building works.

CAD Design

We can design and draft projects according to your specifications.

Percolation Test

We can examine your site and advise on a suitable waste water system. This service may also be required if your septic tank has failed an inspection by the County Council; in this instance we can liaise with the Council on your behalf and initiate appropriate remedial works to correct any outstanding issues.

Manufacturing Engineering Services Summary

Structural Steel Fabrication

Our impressive factory floor encompasses facilities to manufacture your steel frames in our general engineering workshop.

Bespoke Steelworks Design and Manufacture

If an element of your plant needs to modified or replaced, we can design it, cost it and make it.

If you have an idea for your house or garden that you would like us to realise, why not call us today to book a consultation? We can cost it, design it and produce it, all under the one roof. Our general engineering workshop has been established for over 30 years.

Tooling Manufacture and Maintenance

We have over 30 years of experience in the tooling industry; accordingly, we can service your tooling moulds, design tooling moulds, manufacture and test injection moulds.

CAD Design

We can design and draft projects according to your specifications.


Services Provided

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